A major oil exploration is going on in Russia’s East Arctic waters, thebarentsobserver.com

The Bavenit on the 22nd of August set out from Murmansk with course for remote east Arctic waters. The ship, one of Russia’s most advanced vessels of the kind, is due to drill the first ever wells in the Laptev Sea.

According to Rosneft, there has never before been drilled a well in the shallow waters of the area. Drill cores from several wells will now help create a geological model of the region and determine the oil and gas potential, the company informs.

Rosneft controls four major license areas in the Laptev Sea; the Khatangsky, Ust-Uleneksky, Pritaymyrsky and Ust-Lensky areas. In addition comes a major license area that stretches north of the New Siberian Islands and into the East Siberian Sea. Läs artikel