West ignored Russia’s key demands in responses to security guarantee proposals — Putin, tass.com

In their responses to the Russian proposals on security guarantees, the US and NATO ignored Moscow’s fundamental demands, President Vladimir Putin told a news conference following talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The president said they had substantially exchanged opinions regarding proposals on giving Russia long-term legal guarantees of security from the West.

”Let me note that we are closely analyzing the written responses received from the US and NATO on January 26. However, it is already clear, and I informed Mr. Prime Minister about it, that the fundamental Russian concerns were ignored,” Putin said. He explained that Moscow had seen no adequate response to three key demands – preventing NATO’s expansion, non-deployment of strike weapons systems near Russian borders and returning the military infrastructure of NATO in Europe to the positions existing in 1997 when the Russia-NATO Founding Act was signed. Läs artikel