Venezuelans Must Resolve Crisis Themselves, Security Council Delegates Agree while Differing over Legitimacy of Contending Parties,

[…] Nearly 40 Member States participated in today’s meeting, including Jorge Arreaza, Venezuela’s Minister of the People’s Power for Foreign Affairs, who accused the United States of using humanitarian assistance as a cover for aggression.  He also called upon the Council to adopt a resolution rejecting the use of force, or the threat of such use, against his country.[…]

Peru’s delegate cited the Lima Group Declaration, saying it reflects the Latin America and Caribbean region’s awareness of the crisis.  Noting that the situation, exacerbated by massive migration, is affecting the region’s stability, he emphasized that Venezuelans themselves must carry out a transition to democracy without using force.  Peru calls for the holding of free and fair elections under international monitoring mechanisms, he added. […]

Mexico’s representative said any humanitarian concern must be addressed through neutral international organizations, such as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) or agencies of the United Nations. […]

Christoph Heusgen (Germany) said that political factors led to the ongoing crisis in Venezuela and therefore the solution can only be a political one, rejecting the use of force or any measures that could put the stability of the country and the region at risk.  Calling for the restoration of the democratic process and constitutional order of Venezuela through free, transparent and credible presidential elections, he said it is high time to let the country’s people freely choose their leaders and the future path of their nation.  Warning against the politicization of the delivery of humanitarian assistance to Venezuelans in need, he said a response to humanitarian needs does not constitute an interference with the country’s internal affairs.  With 3.4 million people seeking shelter in neighboring countries, the situation affects the region.  Human rights are not an internal affair, but a “common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations”. Läs protokollet