US intends to form ”space NATO” with allies,

Feng Songjiang, Research Center for Space Security at the People's Liberation Army

he 2020 National Space Policy recently released by the White House at the one-year anniversary of the establishment of US Space Force outlines America’s space development plan and specific measures for its implementation. The document and the recent Schriever Wargame 2020 (SW 20) both exaggerate the so-called ”space threat” and try to form a ”space NATO” with American allies, fully revealing Washington’s ambition to maintain its hegemony by securing supremacy in the outer space.

The US braces for space warfighting targeting China and Russia. The latest SW 20 led by the newly formed US Space Force for the first time claimed to highlight space threats from Russia and China, which reflected America’s Cold War mentality and hegemonistic concept. […]

In recent years, the US has shifted its strategic focus to great power competition, especially for the high-end adversaries. The US National Space Strategy proposes to drive US leadership in space through close partnership with the private sector and allies. The newly released National Space Policy mentions allies and their interests multiple times with a noticeable tinge of cajoling.

As space becomes an all-round warfighting domain, our unique advantage is the ability to seamlessly integrate multi-domain capabilities from multiple allies and partners, said Raymond, Chief of Space Operations, US Space Force. Läs artikel