US-German Agreement On Nord Stream 2 Lacks Substance, Will Hurt Ukraine,

The US-German deal on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that will provide natural gas from Russia for German industry is a public relations stunt for the United States and lacks substance, but it will hurt Ukraine, analysts told Sputnik.

The agreement offers the hope of increased US and German investments to Ukraine in order to give the Biden administration a way to say that they are supporting Ukraine, Eurasia Center Vice President Earl Rasmussen told Sputnik.

US officials ”are most likely seeking to calm Ukrainian officials and to find some mechanism that would be a compromise position,” Rasmussen said.

Washington’s relationship with Germany remained far more important than with Ukraine, Rasmussen emphasized.

”Germany is the economic leader in Europe, it has the presence of our military; It is a major trading partner and is an important ally in influencing Europe. Ukraine fills no such needs. It is the most corrupt country and essentially a failed state,” he said.

Washington’s strong support for the post-2014 Maidan coup unstable governments in Kiev have provided no tangible benefits for the United States and have instead generated serious tensions with Russia, Rasmussen pointed out.

”It actually provides little benefit to the United States other than a mechanism to antagonize Russia and slowly degrade Russian influence in the region,” he said. Läs artikel