United States-France Joint Statement, whitehouse.gov

[…] The Presidents recognize the importance of robust collaboration in the Indo-Pacific, particularly given growing economic and strategic challenges there. The United States welcomes France’s enduring role as an Indo-Pacific partner, whose long-standing commitment, geography, and military capabilities based throughout the region make it a key contributor and security provider to a free and open Indo-Pacific. […]

As France and other European nations increase their air and maritime deployments in the region, the United States intends to increase its support and material contributions to these deployments. […]

As conveyed in the September 22 Joint Statement between the Presidents, the United States and France will increase their cooperation in the Sahel. Accordingly, the U.S. has committed additional assets in the Sahel to support counterterrorism efforts led by France and other European states. The two Presidents have charged their teams with intensifying bilateral consultations – complemented by their respective ongoing collaboration with African states and organizations, as well as other European partners – with a view toward supporting a holistic and sustainable approach to the region. In addition, France and the United States will look for ways to strengthen multilateral support for the G5 Sahel, its member states, and MINUSMA. Läs uttalande