UN Security Council mull condemning Taliban after group scores military gains, thehill.com

Two countries of the 15-member United Nations Security Council are mulling a formal statement to condemn the Taliban as the insurgent group makes major inroads in Afghanistan.

According to a copy of the draft viewed by Reuters, Norway and Estonia have put together a statement. The U.N. body needs to agree on it before it can be issued, the wire service reported.

”The Security Council condemns in the strongest terms possible the armed attacks by Taliban forces on cities and towns across Afghanistan, resulting in high numbers of civilian casualties,” the drafted statement said, according to Reuters.

The text states the Security Council ”strongly affirms that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is not recognized at the United Nations and declares that it does not and will not support the establishment of any government in Afghanistan imposed through military force or restoration of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.” Läs artikel