Swedish Statement at the UN Security Council Briefing on Syria, government.se

[…] We welcome that Turkey and Russia have reached an agreement on ceasefire in Idlib. A military offensive in Idlib would not only have catastrophic humanitarian consequences, but it would have put at risk a credible political solution. […]

The ceasefire in Idlib offers an opportunity to reinvigorate the UN-led political process. This opportunity must be seized. As agreed by this Council, the first step towards a sustainable political solution, in line with resolution 2254, is the establishment of a constitutional committee. We must now join efforts and support and insist on the swift establishment of this Committee. […]

This agreement can and should be used to reinvigorate the UN-led political process. Only the UN has the legitimacy and the credibility for a viable and enduring political solution in line with the resolution 2254. Läs uttalandet