Sweden and Finland could snub EU army and join british-led coalition backed by Nato, express.co.uk

The 10,000-strong military group, which has slowly been forming since December 2012 before plans for an EU-wide force, and is designed to either operate alone or jointly with Nato, United Nations or EU forces, sent invitations to the non-Nato countries this weekend.

Brussels ratified the creation of a single ‘super’ army that would cross the continent in November last year and is expected to cost UK taxpayers £420 million a year.

Lawmakers at the European Parliament voted 369-255 in favour of the proposals, which also calls for greater spending by nations on defence…

Mike Hookem Ukip MEP, a former Commando Engineer, said: ”While I’m all for alliances to strengthen our defences, I worry that a move of this type could undermine NATO as the principle defender of Europe.”

”What we can’t have is a situation where the UK is leading a competing organisation to the emerging EU army, or which could strip men and resources away from the NATO alliance.”

”I believe at this time, that is would be far more sensible to concentrate on bolstering our relationship within the NATO structure and encourage non NATO European nations to do the same.” Läs artikel