Strengthening America’s and NATO’s Arctic Chain of Defense,

[…] Jan Mayen has no permanent population, and 14 of 18 people living on the island today are members of the Norwegian armed forces.7 Kevin McGwin, ”A US Helping Hand to Norway in Jan Mayen also Extends the Pentagon’s Arctic Reach,” Arctic Today, January 31, 2020. Norway requested U.S. assistance in performing bimonthly supply flights to the island before that could happen, members of the U.S. Air Force visited Jan Mayen and ”assessed runway surfaces, glideslope obstructions and firing capes,” ”The US Air Force Is Fixing Up a Remote Base that Could Help Keep an Eye on Russia,” Business Insider, January 14, 2020, specifically to determine whether ”C-130J Super Hercules aircraft can land at the Jan Mayen airfield in order to provide transport and resupply to the station located there.”. In addition to helping resupply the Norwegian presence on Jan Mayen, the island now provides a potential additional landing option for U.S. aircraft operating in the Arctic. Jan Mayen continues to host meteorological and seismographic monitoring stations, along with a station for Europe’s Galileo GPS system. Läs artikel