Speech by Iranian Foreign Minister at the Munich Security Conference, en.mfa.ir

[…] We all need to break this pattern. In fact, during the Iran-Iraq war, the international community recognized the problem and prescribed a regional security arrangement, enshrining it in paragraph 8 of UN Security Council resolution 598 that brought the war to an end. That provision continues to be relevant and necessary to end this vicious cycle.
Countries in the Persian Gulf region need to surmount the current state of division and tension and instead move in the direction of erecting realistic regional arrangements. It can perhaps start with a modest regional dialogue forum, based on generally recognized principles and shared objectives. The forum can promote understanding on a broad spectrum of issues, including confidence- and security-building measures, and combating terrorism, extremism and sectarianism. It could also encourage practical cooperation in areas ranging from protection of the environment to joint investment and tourism. Such a forum could eventually even develop into more formal
nonaggression and security cooperation arrangements. Läs talet