Ships arrive in Dudinka with first pipes for biggest Arctic oil project,

Two cargo ships in late December broke their way through the ice of great river Yenisey towards the port town of Dudinka. On board the Turukhan and Tersky Bereg was more than 7,000 tons of cargo including 4,000 tons of pipes.

They are the the first shipments of the kind to Rosneft’s major Arctic project, the Vostok Oil.

“This marks the start of Vostok Oil. It is the beginning of a big job,” says Karen Pashinyan, General Director of TaymyrBurServis, an affiliate company of Rosneft.The two ships will soon be followed by many more. More than 50,000 tons of project goods will be shipped to Dudinka in the course of this winter, the local port administration informs. Most of the ships will sail from Arkhangelsk, through the Kara Sea and up the Yenisey. Läs artikel