Shanghai Cooperation Organisation is not Nato,

Shakeel Ahmad Ramay

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) is celebrating 20 years of its success and diversity. It has graduated from a small organisation to one of most important organisations of the world. […]

Political figures and experts from the West are putting consistent efforts to draw parallels between SCO and Nato. Howbeit, SCO and Nato have no comparison. Nato was created to guarantee security to the member states through political and military arms.

Political arm was tasked to lead promotion of Western values and diplomatic solutions for conflicts and problems. The organisation also has the duty to advocate for liberal economic, democracy and human right models. Through these values, they created a window for interferences in other countries. […]

On the contrary, SCO was built by adhering to the philosophy of Shanghai Spirit which revolves around the principles of trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for diversity of civilisations and pursuit of common development. It is open to all. It promotes consultation and inclusiveness for decision-making.

Second, SCO is based on the principle of partnership. It means there is no binding on the members. They are free to take decisions and formulate policies according to their own interests and circumstances. The organisation has no right or mandate to interfere in the internal affairs of the member states. Läs artikel