“Security in the Arctic is of Greatest Interest to France,” says French Commander, highnorthnews.com

The French Navy’s nuclear submarine and support vessel which recently docked in Tromsø, Northern Norway, have carried out long-term missions in the North Atlantic. This shows France’s allied commitment to security in northern areas and desire to learn more about them, asserts French Commander.[…]

“This short port call allowed a long-term deployment in the Northern Atlantic of the two ships. Their deployment show Allied commitment to security in Northern Europe and France’s desire to gain better knowledge of the area. France conducts more than 20 port calls per year in Norway, with ships operating for the surveillance of critical undersea infrastructures, for NATO operations, or bilateral cooperation with the Norwegian Armed Forces.” […]

“The support vessel Garonne has been conducting a three-month long mission in the Arctic – which is of greatest interest to France regarding the issues of climate change and security. She has been involved in several training activities regarding the safety of life at sea in Canada, Greenland, and Norway. Sailing in such demanding conditions requires specific skills, and the cooperation with Norway is of major benefit.” Läs artikel