Security Council Welcomes Significant Steps towards Ending War in Afghanistan,

United States Representative Stresses Her Country’s Ongoing Support for Afghan People, Citing Trillion Dollar Investment

The Security Council welcomed the significant steps taken towards ending the war in Afghanistan and opening the door to intra-Afghan negotiations enabled by the recent peace agreement signed by the United States and the Taliban.

However, the Council warned that easing the sanctions regime that the Council imposed on the country in 2011 will depend on the Taliban making sustained efforts to embrace peace.

Unanimously adopting resolution 2513 (2020), the 15-member Council called upon the Government of Afghanistan and the Taliban to pursue additional confidence-building measures — including by reducing violence and releasing prisoners — in good faith, thereby creating the conditions for a swift start to intra-Afghan negotiations leading to a durable peace. Läs referat från säkerhetsrådets möte.