Russia’s General Staff notes NATO’s growing provocations near Russian borders,

The General Staff of Russia’s armed forces has noted the outspoken anti-Russian nature of NATO’s training activities and growing provocations near Russia’s borders, the chief of the General Staff of Russia’s armed forces, First Deputy Defense Minister Valery Gerasimov told a news briefing for foreign military attaches.

”The training of the alliance’s forces is developing an outspokenly anti-Russian bias, with non-NATO countries getting increasingly involved. Provocative activities near Russia’s borders are growing,” Gerasimov said.

He pointed to the considerable growth of NATO countries’ defense budgets and further buildup of their military potential.

”The unbridled buildup of the missile defense potential is continuing, which considerably affects the balance of forces and gives one side the edge in using strategic weapons. The role of non-nuclear means of attack with long range, high accuracy and great destructive potential is increasing,” Gerasimov said. Läs artikel