Prime Minister Sipilä’s Speech at the 7th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region in Stockholm, 8 November 2016,

…I’m delighted to emphasise the need for all relevant countries to engage as partners in implementing the EU Baltic Sea Strategy. Norway and Iceland have already joined the cooperation.

The recent developments in Russia and tensions in the relations between Russia and its neighbours cause some concern. To promote stability, we need unity, determination and strategic patience. But we also need dialogue with Russia, on topics that we choose and that we consider relevant.

The Nordic Council of Ministers has an extensive network spanning 20 years of experience in cooperation with North-West Russia. In our vision for 2030, Russia, as it is today, is an active partner in Baltic Sea cooperation, to the benefit of us all.

Dear friends of the Baltic Sea,

I wish you all an inspiring forum and the best of success in your work for the future of the Baltic Sea Region! Läs talet