Norway calls Israel response ’disproportionate’ in latest remarks from a NATO nation,

Norway’s Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store called Israel’s response to the attack by the Hamas militia earlier this month ”disproportionate” in what marks the latest of such remarks from a NATO member.

While Israel is not a member of the alliance, it is among the closest allies of United States — a NATO founding member — posing diplomatic challenges for those in the alliance.

Store, beginning his remarks, said Israel had suffered a ”bestial terrorist attack” which Norway has repeatedly condemned while calling for Hamas to release hostages.

”We’ve underlined Israel’s right to defend itself. We recognize that it is demanding to fight Hamas in areas as densely populated as Gaza, where there are over two million people and half of them are children and young people,” Store said in his rebuke of Israel.

”At the same time, we have been completely clear to Israel that it must happen in line with the rules of the international law of war.” He called Israel’s increase of aggressions ”concerning” and noted that Norway has 200 civilians in Gaza, including 100 children, at risk of being killed by Israeli attacks.

”Norway is asking for an immediate ceasefire,” Store said. ”I am pleased that a large majority of the countries in the world have passed a resolution at the U.N. on ceasefire and the receiving of emergency aid. This cannot be allowed to continue.” Läs artikel