”Northern Europe becomes NATO’s new front”, fhs.se

The research project takes as its starting point the period after the September 11 attacks in the US in 2001 and analyzes how the defence policy of the Northern European countries has evolved until the present day. The Putin administration and the incremental aggressiveness of Russian foreign and security policy are an important part of the analysis. […]

“In addition to presenting the research results, we will also speculate on the future. We argue, with the impending membership of Sweden and Finland, that Northern Europe will no longer be seen as a flank area but will become NATO’s new front against Russia”, says Håkan Edström.

He says that we must start thinking about how Russia will react to NATO enlargement in the long term, as this will have consequences for defence planning both within the organization and in the member states.

“It is likely that Finland, with its extensive border with Russia, will, like Norway, become a country that receives military resources from other countries, unlike Denmark, which provides its military capabilities outside its borders. But what role will Sweden play?” Läs artikel