No matter what: Denmark embraces US Security Policy, Lars Erslev Andersen, Utrikesmagasinet

There are huge political differences between Sweden’s and Denmark’s Middle East policies. Denmark is faithfully, almost submissively, following Washington, while Sweden has a policy of its own. The attitude of the Danish governments in the last decades’ security policy is remarkable […]

Denmark is so complying to the US policy, that the former US ambassador Rufus Gifford in an interview with the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten (2014/09/29) said:

“In Foreign Policy, Denmark and USA is on the same line to a degree that when I show up to ask for something in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Defense, they are already working on it. The same happens in NATO and UN. Denmark does really what the US wishes”.  Apparently, this “same line” includes the Danish policies towards Israel, the Palestinians, Iraq, Syria, and the Middle East in general. Läs artikel