New Deal to Resume Grain Exports through Ukrainian Ports ‘Beacon of Hope’ for Easing Global Food Crisis, United Nations Political Affairs Chief Tells Security Council,

[…] India’s representative similarly underscored the importance of equity, affordability and accessibility when it comes to food grains, stressing that “open markets must not become an argument to perpetuate inequity.”

Also speaking today were representatives of the United Arab Emirates, France, China, Ghana, Norway, Mexico, Ireland, Gabon, Brazil, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Italy and Romania, as well as a representative of the European Union, speaking in observer capacity. […]

Ronaldo Costa Filho  (Brazil) Council President for July, spoke in his national capacity to reiterate the call for the parties to act with restraint and prevent further civilian casualties as a side effect of the hostilities.  The agreement announced last Friday brought with it the hope that political solutions can be achieved and negotiations between the parties resulted in a concrete response to an urgent problem.  The two agreements in Istanbul paved the way for the resumption of exports of grains and fertilizers and the reintegration of the two countries to international markets.  However, he echoed the disappointment expressed by other Council members over its inability to reach consensus on a presidential or press statement.  Nonetheless, he welcomed the parties’ active engagement in the negotiations and urged both sides to avoid actions that could jeopardize the implementation of the agreements.  Although the last few months seem to have downplayed the role of diplomacy in dealing with the crisis, “it is precisely in the face of the greatest challenges that we must remain committed to the spirit of the United Nations and devote all our efforts to achieving lasting peace,” he stressed, adding:  “Let us not be carried away by the impulse to close the doors to dialogue.”  The Istanbul accords point to a viable path.  The Council’s priority must be the immediate resumption of direct negotiations between the parties to end hostilities. Läs protokollet