NATO ships with missile defence drill off northern Norway,

Neither NATO nor Norway wants to say it has anything to do with Russia’s new, long-ranged variety of cruise missiles deployed in the Arctic for the navy, air force, or mobile land units, but Exercise Formidable Shield has this week moved north to strategically important areas off Andøya in the northern part of the Norwegian Sea.

This area is within range of the new Russian cruise missiles. […]

As recently reported by the Barents Observer, Russian Northern Fleet Commander, Admiral Aleksandr Moiseyev, named NATO’s increased presence up north “provocative” and said it “threatens security” in the Arctic. […]

“Recently, the United States considers Norway as the main bridgehead in the Arctic, as a territory used for the forward presence of the Armed Forces, deployment of reconnaissance and surveillance equipment, and the development of dual-use infrastructure,” Moiseyev said. […]

This week, the Northern Fleet itself is exercising in the Barents Sea outside the Kola Peninsula with some of its most powerful warships, like the nuclear-powered battle cruiser “Pyotr Velikiy” and the missile cruiser “Marshal Ustinov”. Läs artikel