NATO Isn’t Exactly Sending Its Best Weapons to Ukraine to Fight Russia,

Brandon J. Weichert, former Congressional staffer and geopolitical analyst

Ukraine is a Dumping Ground for NATO’s Old Weapons: NATO has committed itself to supporting Ukraine against Russia. Like so many wars, this conflict has been surrounded by a bodyguard of lies. One of the most enduring myths perpetuated by the Western press and the leaders of NATO is that the equipment they’re sending Ukraine is helping them to remain in the fight against Russia. In fact, most of the platforms being given to Ukraine are little more than junk.

The French government under President Emmanuel Macron has been one of the biggest proponents of continuing NATO’s involvement in the Ukraine War. As a result, France has provided large numbers of lightly armored tanks, the AMC-10RC. France’s AMC-10RC is a holdover from the early 1980s. The last major upgrade to this platform occurred in 2000. For its part, the French military began phasing out these antiquated platforms in 2021, a full year before the Russians invaded Ukraine. Läs artikel