NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow at the Plenary session of the NATO Parliamentary Assemby Spring Session in Tirana

I sitt tal I Tirana berörde Alexander Vershbow Natos relation till Sverige och Finland:

I also believe that Euro-Atlantic integration is the key to stability here in the Balkans.  Now, that doesn’t mean that every nation should necessarily seek NATO membership.  We respect the choices of non-member countries like Serbia, as well as Austria, Sweden and Finland, to pursue partnership rather than membership.

När det gäller Baltikum framhöll han:

We will build on our strong political and practical support for Ukraine and strengthen our capacity-building efforts in Moldova and Georgia.  We will continue to work closely with Finland and Sweden, who have been long-time contributors to NATO operations in Afghanistan and the Balkans, and who have a significant contribution to make to security in the Baltic region.

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