NATO air force exercise kicks off in Baltic skies,

NATO’s two-day air force exercise Ramstein Alloy began in the airspace of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on Monday. The key objective is to rehearse guarding Baltic airspace.

Also held on Monday was an air rescue exercise of the air force called ”Pulp Fiction”, which included the Police and Border Guard Board, Rescue Board and emergency medical care workers, military spokespeople told BNS. […]

The objective of the series of annual exercises, in which Estonia has the leading role this year, is to hone command and control of NATO airspace surveillance and control, air policing and other capabilities in the Baltic region.

In addition to German and Italian fighters deployed at the Ämari and Siauliai air bases as part of the Baltic air policing mission, participants in the exercise also include the air force personnel of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland the Netherlands and Portugal with altogether over 20 airborne assets. Läs artikel