Moscow signals it will make national security a priority in Arctic Council,

Atle Staalesen, publisher of the Independent Barents Observer

”Certain NATO members, among them the USA, try to restrict Russia’s activities in the Arctic,” says top security strongman Dmitry Medvedev and makes clear that issues of national security will be part of his country’s upcoming chairmanship priorities in the Arctic Council.

According to the former president and prime minister, Russia is experiencing a wide range of threats in the Arctic from its NATO neighbors, including military buildup along its northern borders and the introduction of sanctions.

Russia wants peace, stability and mutually beneficial partnership, but that view is not shared by the NATO members, he argues.

“All of this, of course, poses direct threats to our national security,” Medvedev underlined in a Russian Security Council meeting this week. The meeting was the first in Council’s newly established Arctic Commission. […]

The new realities must now also be reflected in the work of intergovernmental organizations, Medvedev argues. And one of the most significant of those platforms is the Arctic Council, the powerful state official underlines. According to Medvedev, Russia must now do its utmost to prepare for the upcoming chairmanship period.

“Russia must in the most serious manner address its work in the organization,” he underlined and added that the federal government in the near future will be requested to establish an organizational committee that is to prepare the chairmanship. Läs artikel