Merkel reiterates Europe can no longer fully rely on U.S,

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is standing by her suggestion that Europe can no longer entirely rely on the U.S. as she prepares to host President Donald Trump at the Group of 20 summit.

Merkel first made the comment during a campaign event in late May, shortly after the G7 summit in Italy, saying while Europe can maintain a friendship with the U.S., U.K. and other countries, ”the times in which we could completely depend on others, are, to a certain extent, over.” Asked in an interview with weekly Die Zeit published Wednesday whether she would repeat it today, she replied: ”Yes, exactly that way.”

”It is, for example, open whether we can and should in the future rely on the U.S. investing so much as it has so far in the United Nations’ work, in Middle East policy, in European security policy or in peace missions in Africa,” Merkel was quoted as saying. Läs artikel