Majority of the Dutch say that The Netherlands must join the Ban Treaty,

People in the Netherlands and five other NATO states overwhelmingly reject the presence of U.S. nuclear weapons and support the Treaty to Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). In fact, according to polls, support for the Dutch joining the nuclear ban continues to increase.

In the new YouGov poll released today, the results are clear: 78% of Dutch people want the government to join the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. In fact, 68% said the Netherlands should be among the first members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) to join, even if the country were pressured by the United States of America not to do so.

A similar poll was conducted in 2019, at which time only 62% of people wanted the Dutch government to join the ban. These new numbers reflect a growing understanding that there are no safe hands for the world’s worst weapons. […]

Currently, there are about 20 nuclear weapons stored at the Dutch airbase at Volkel. While the official policy is not to confirm or deny their presence, NATO and Dutch leadership have both implied that the weapons are there during a series of nuclear weapons exercises this past October. At the time, Dutch Defence Minister Ank Bijleveld said that “if you practice it, you must also have the weapons there”, prompting questioning from parliament. Läs artikel