Julian Assange verdict: A test case for press freedom, dw.com

A London court today will announce its verdict on whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be extradited to the United States. The proceedings have been described by critics as unfair. […]

For German Green party member of parliament Margit Stumpp, the court case is an ”acid test for the western community of values.” Together with lawmakers from the Social Democrats, the conservative Christian Democrats, the socialist Left party, and the Free Democrats, Stumpp established the cross-party working group ”Freedom for Julian Assange.”Stumpp told DW that she sees ”the rule of law being violated” in the extradition procedures. That started with the fact that she was unable to receive access to the court process as an observer. ”I’ve often been to Turkey, and there I had no problems getting into the courtroom,” Stumpp said, an unflattering comparison for the UK. […]

Nils Melzer is not only the UN special rapporteur on torture. He also teaches international law at the University of Glasgow and knows his way around British law. His verdict on how Julian Assange has been dealt with is damning. ”The legal proceeding in itself is not respecting the basic standards of human rights, of due process and the rule of law.” The motivation is obvious in the face of revelations of American ”corruption and war crimes and other criminal conduct,” said Melzer: ”The United States is trying to criminalize investigative journalism … And the British system, unfortunately, is in collusion with the United States.” On December 21, appealed to US President Donald Trump to pardon Assange in his final days at the White House. Läs artikel