If The Russians Invaded Norway – What Would NATO Do? forces.net

NATO rules declare that the rest of NATO has to then kick the Russians back into Russia. But would they? And anyway, could they?

Just suppose the Russians invaded Norway: it would not be hard.

The border right at the top of Norway is just under 200 kilometers that divide the Pechengsky District of Russia and Norway’s Sor-Varanger. A Russian night air and seaborne bombardment followed by a night armoured and guards armour assault should do it by the following weekend. […]

So Exercise Trident Juncture is currently underway in Norway to see what would happen if the Russians attacked the northern European country. […]

And, until recently, an unasked question: if Russia moved on Norway, would the United States – with its huge tribute-service European deployment – take part in a rescue operation?

Might an early morning tweet from a golf course simply declare: “Not coming. You don’t pay your 2%”. Läs artikel