Global Power Puzzle: Why China’s Rise Doesn’t Cause a Problem,

Joergen Oerstroem Moeller, former state-secretary for the Royal Danish Foreign Ministry

China is increasingly classified as a threat to the world order by the United States and Europe. A kind of behemoth harboring evil designs. This image makes light of its domestic problems epitomized by its struggle since unification 221 BC to achieve peace, prosperity, and harmony. Recipients of policy statements are the Chinese population, not the United States and Europe. Formulations and vocabulary are chosen to that effect. It is Sino-centric and entails no tradition for imperialism as adopted by Western powers over the past five hundred years. […]

China’s history rotates around a string of dynasties with the emperor as the son of heaven. They all came into power by putting an end to the chaos, initiating economic progress, and ensuring meritocracy through the mandarin system. As time passed, the country descended into mediocrity, nepotism, a self-serving elite living at the imperial court and not caring about the livelihood of the peasants who turned against the dynasty. The emperor was seen as having lost his blessings. He had been disowned. The dynasty was godforsaken. The door opened for the next dynasty. […]

The Western political model is deemed totally unsuitable for China. Additionally, the CPC does not harbor ambitions of exporting the Chinese model. It does not see itself as a messenger of a new social and political system destined to conquer the world as the Soviet Union did. Marxism-Leninism was adopted as a suitable instrument to awake the country after two hundred years of hibernation, but basically, the CPC looks for a Chinese model justifying its role as the son of heaven.  Läs artikel