GCSP Joins Efforts to Reduce Tensions between NATO and Russia, gcsp.ch

With dozens of experts from academic institutions and think tanks working in Russia, NATO nations, and neutral countries, GCSP experts took part in the elaboration of a set of recommendations to revive strategic dialogue and apply urgent confidence- and security-building measures between Russia and NATO. This document has been signed by some 145 personalities. Among them are 16 former ministers of international affairs and defence, 24 ambassadors, 27 retired Generals and Admirals, well-known experts from 55 universities, research institutes and centres. […]

  1. Responding to demand for knowledge on up-to-date current geopolitical, technological and legal developments as well as for advice, education and dialogue from and among key stakeholders. This is done, for instance, by building capacities worldwide on implementing the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) or the Biological Weapons Convention or training officials from the Middle East and North Africa on arms control.
  2. Developing partnerships with, and a high visibility among, key stakeholders (government representatives, both in Geneva and in capitals, civil society organisations, academia) to promote cross-institutional and multi-stakeholder approaches. In that respect, regular Track-II meetings are held and proposals formulated on a WMD-free Zone in the Middle East. Läs uppropet