Foreign Ministers agree new areas of NATO-EU cooperation,

Foreign Ministers agreed to step up NATO’s cooperation with the European Union on Tuesday (5 December 2017). Joint work between the organisations will include three new areas: military mobility, information sharing in the fight against terrorism, and promoting women’s role in peace and security. “We are taking cooperation between NATO and the EU to a new level,” said Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg…

First – moving our forces and equipment quickly is vital for our security. This means we need procedures for rapid border crossing.

As well as sufficient transport assets. And robust infrastructure meaning roads, railways, ports and airports. So it’s obvious that this is an area where we need strong and very detailed and concrete cooperation between NATO and EU when it comes to military mobility. And our aim is to make military mobility a new flagship for the NATO-EU cooperation.

Second – in the fight against terrorism, we decided to strengthen the exchange of information between us. And to coordinate our counter-terrorism support for partner countries.

And third – we will do more together to promote women’s role in peace and security. Läs  artikel