Exlusive interview with the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, romania-actualitati.ro

…Gen. Petr Pavel: I cannot speak on behalf of the Romanians, it is up to Romanian leaders to set priorities, we can only give advice. Within NATO, as you know, there is a Defense plan where each country negotiates with NATO the so-called procurement targets and each country agrees with the list of targets that NATO prefers for countries. The cycle for the next four years has now been completed, a certain percentage of each target has been allocated to nations, there are a number of areas that NATO suggests to allies, focus their attention on the procurement process. What I could see in the case of Romania, similar to my country, the Czech Republic, the elements that we, as a nation, have allocated for NATO are fully operational. That means we are talking about a brigade that in the future has to have a total framing for the battle, that is, all the elements they ask without external support…

As far as the Eastern flank is concerned, what can you say about relations between NATO and Russia?

Gen. Petr Pavel: We do not see Russia as an enemy. I believe that many NATO nations see Russia as a partner rather than an opponent. However, we must be realistic and confront with concrete actions, not just words. Läs intervjun