’Europe is in danger’: top diplomat proposes EU military doctrine, reuters.com

he European Union’s foreign policy chief warned the bloc on Wednesday that it must agree an ambitious doctrine as the basis for joint military action abroad, including with a deployable crisis force.

Josep Borrell told reporters his first draft of the ”Strategic Compass” – the closest thing the EU could have to a military doctrine and akin to NATO’s ”Strategic Concept” that sets out alliance goals – was crucial to security.

”Europe is in danger,” Borrell said in the forewordof the full strategy document that has been sent to the EU’s 27 states for debate. ”We need to have rapid deployment capabilities,” he also told reporters.

One idea is to have a 5,000-strong EU crisis force, Borrell said, stressing though that the U.S.-led NATO alliance remains primarily responsible for Europe’s collective defence. Läs artikel