Norwegian Army starts training with anti-tank mines near Russia border,

Practicing with anti-tank mines is nothing new for the Norwegian Army, but never so close to the border to Russia as this week. The sound of blast is not only loud enough to be heard by Russian guards patrolling the border to  NATO-member Norway. It is also a clear message of power build-up in the north.

While the Garrison of Sør-Varanger (GSV) for decades after the end of the Cold War mainly focused its activities on border policing, the last few years have seen a significant strengthening of manpower and armament. A recently established ranger troop is tasked to ensure Norwegian sovereignty. Any foe will be met by military force.

“The ability to lay minefields is part of our capacity,” says Chief of the garrison, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Rozmara, as his engineering squad makes ready down deep in the snow-covered former iron-ore mine outside Kirkenes, Arctic Norway. Läs artikel