China: ”Will not Acknowledge Arctic Council Without Russia”,

Special Envoy to the Arctic for China, Gao Feng says China will not support Norways chairmanship of the Arctic Council if Russia is still banned.

There are legal disputes over Norway’s upcoming chairmanship to the Arctic Council next year. Without consensus from all 8 members of the council, it is questioned whether Norway can assume the chairmanship at all in May 2023.

On the Arctic Circle Assembly stage in Reykjavik Saturday night, Special Envoy to the Arctic for China, Gao Feng, took a stand on behalf of China;

“The Arctic Council is based on a declaration and there is no procedure on how to leave the council. I doubt that the chairmanship can be transferred to anyone or that Norway can take over the chair without Russia from a legal point of view”, says Feng.

He says that the Arctic Council will still be there, but as a different institution if it still consists of the Arctic 7 by then, and not supported by China. Läs artikel