Change Is the New Normal, Humans Are the Only Constant,

Arne O. Holm, editor-in-chief, High North News

As with everything else, this is about Russia’s war against Ukraine. About a Russia that has paralyzed international cooperation in the North.

What Norway will possibly take over is therefore not the leadership of eight Arctic states. It is an organization of seven states, and only half of the geographical area known as the Arctic. […]

Where we previously were presented with rising temperatures and melting ice with millimeter precision, we now received an introduction to a historical military rearmament below the sea surface, on the sea surface, and in the air. This is about the fact that seven of the eight original members of the Arctic Council are also members of NATO. Or From the admirals’ point of view:

”It is about the increased militarization of the Arctic, especially by Russia and China.”

Rob Bauer is admiral and chair of  NATO’s military committee. He pointed to Svalbard in particular as an area where Russian activity outside the coast of the archipelago has increased greatly.

Special Envoy to the Arctic for China, Gao Feng, was asked if China would support an Arctic Council without Russia. He said they would not, and instead used its first trip abroad to emphasize that China still cooperates with Russia.

“I am unsure if the leadership will be left to anyone at all. Nor to Norway,” said Feng. Läs artikel