Brics multi-national summit,

As the 10th annual Brics summit draws to a close on Friday, South Africa can look back at the event as one of relative success.. Heads of state from Brazil, Russia, India and China all visited Mzansi this week, taking part in policy discussions and hammering out a strategy going forward. […]

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by all Brics members. The agreement has been put in place to ensure closer collaboration in the promotion of matters related to air quality, water, biodiversity, climate change and waste management

In terms of the MoU, the participants also agreed to additional arrangements that ensure effective implementation of environmental cooperation.

The defining piece of legislation from the summit is the Johannesburg Declaration. It features 102 individual commitments signed by all five countries, that vow to support each other in tackling everything from terrorism to drought. Läs artikel