Brev från Sveriges och Finlands statsministrar till EU:s president Charles Michel,

We are living in uncertain times with the unjustifiable Russian aggression on Ukraine undermining European security. In this situation, it is important that we can draw upon the collective strength that comes from being members of the European Union. We welcome the opportunity to meet and send a strong and united message towards the end of this week.
The transatlantic relationship and EU-NATO cooperation are key to our overall security. A stronger and more capable EU in the field of security and defence will contribute positively to global and transatlantic security and is complementary to NATO. At this difficult juncture, we find it appropriate that we, as EU leaders, make it manifestly clear that we consider EU membership to be an important source of security, with a mutual obligation on Member States to provide aid and assistance as set out in Article 42.7 TEU. It is important to highlight our common resolve in our collective message from the meeting in Versailles. Läs brevet