Army Sees New Tactical Vehicle as Critical to Its Arctic Warfighting,

[…] The Army is building a first-of-its-kind tactical vehicle to conduct high risk combat missions in extreme cold weather conditions in the Arctic as part of an effort to increase its force presence and operational tempo in the region.

The service awarded a new prototyping deal to an Oshkosh Defense-ST Engineering industry team to build its first Cold Weather All Terrain Vehicle (CATV). The CATV, based in large measure upon the ST Engineering Bronco 3 family of vehicles, will perform Arctic Command and Control, Casualty Evacuation or troop transport missions amid the frozen, dangerous and uneven Arctic landscape.

A recently unveiled Army Arctic Strategy paper, called “Regaining Arctic Dominance,” specifically cites “mobility” as a serious and growing challenge to Army operations in the Arctic, certainly a circumstance which might explain why the service is moving quickly to acquire these vehicles. Läs artikel