Amended UN draft resolution calls for withdrawal of mercenaries in Libya, france24.

The United Kingdom sent its fellow Security Council members an amended draft resolution on Libya Friday, calling for the withdrawal of mercenaries from the country, according to the text, seen by AFP.

The draft expresses the Council’s ”concern over the growing involvement of mercenaries in Libya,” despite commitments made on January 19 at an international summit in Berlin, including ”ceasing all support for and withdrawing all armed mercenary personnel.” The text also urged all member states ”not to intervene in the conflict or take measures that exacerbate the conflict.”

According to diplomats, Russia strongly opposes any mention of mercenaries in the text. No date has yet been set for a vote on the resolution. […]
Russia is accused of facilitating the arrival of several thousand Russian mercenaries in Libya, while Turkey allegedly brought Syrian rebel fighters into the north African nation. Läs artikel