Allied and Norwegian Forces Prepare for the Largest Military Exercise in Norway in 2023,

There is currently high military training activity at Setermoen in Troms, Northern Norway. Forces from the United States, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom have already arrived to conduct winter training and preparations for the largest military exercise in Norway this year.

Right now, about 750 soldiers from the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) are in place, says Master Sergeant Rolf Ytterstad, the spokesman for the Norwegian Army, to High North News. Ytterstad explains that the soldiers train for operations in cold weather conditions. Both the US soldiers and the other allied units in place are also specifically preparing for the Joint Viking 23 winter exercise, which begins in early March. […]

According to Ytterstad, about 800 soldiers from the Netherlands Marine Corps will participate in the Joint Viking. 800 Royal Marines from the UK as well as 150 soldiers from the US Army will also take part in the exercise. […]

According to the Norwegian Armed Forces, more than 10,000 Norwegian and allied soldiers will train to defend Norway. The main activity will take place in Troms in the period 4–16 March 2023. In addition, there will be Norwegian and allied training, courses, and transport in Norway in January and February.

”NATO is the foundation of Norway’s defense. In order to be able to defend Norway, our allies must exercise deploying to Norway. They must also know how to operate along with Norwegian forces in a harsh winter climate,” writes the Armed Forces. Läs artikel