Al-Kuzbari: Our delegation tried to create common ground based on national constants,

Head of the delegation supported by the Syrian Government to the Committee of Discussing the Constitution Dr. Ahmad al-Kuzbari stressed that the committee’s work focuses on discussing constitutional reform that may be amending some articles of the current constitution. […]

Al-Kuzbari said, during a press conference in Geneva on Friday at the end of the meetings of the mini-committee, that the delegation tried, since the beginning of the meetings, to create a common ground with other parties built on national constants accepted by all Syrians which are Syria’s sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and the continued fight against terrorism. He added that the delegation believes that every Syrian refuses occupying any part of Syrian territories and controlling their resources, emphasizing that all Syrians call for lifting unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrian people in various aspects of their life. Head of the delegation said that the consensus among all parties on key issues provides common ground for real progress in the work of the committee. Läs artikel