Accompanying Partners during Military Operations – Early Expectations for Task Force Takuba,

Elin Hellquist and Emma Sjökvist, FOI

[…] As for Takuba, official declarations signal that accompanying is part and parcel of the mission.
Although it cannot be ruled out that some contingents will be limited by national caveats, there is reason to expect Takuba to generally be present on operations alongside its partners in FAMa (Malian Armed Forces). […]

Together with their partners from FAMa  Takuba will be entering into an extremely complex asymmetric conflict where antagonists sometimes intentionally hide among the local population. There have been credible reports of atrocities committed by FAMa during counterterrorism operations. In a best-case scenario, Takuba’s presence can help to reduce these crimes. In the worst case, Takuba’s counterparts will include perpetrators of gross human rights violations. Establishing vetting procedures that consider this risk is one concrete step to avoid the misuse of capacity. […]

By answering France’s call to participate in a SOF (special operations forces) mission in an extreme security environment, contributors demonstrate that they are both able and willing partners of France in the fight against terrorism. The Swedish government bill, for instance, refers to strengthened ties to France as a goal for participating in Takuba. Presenting its commitment to Takuba as part of a solidarity-based security policy, the Swedish government acknowledges that its reasons for joining the mission stem not only from circumstances in Mali.  Läs rapporten

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