A Framework Agreement signed between Finland and Germany, valtioneuvosto.fi

Finnish and German defence ministers signed a Framework Agreement on bilateral defence cooperation in Brussels today.

Promoting already on-going projects and recognising cooperation opportunities provide the basis for developing bilateral defence cooperation between the two countries. The areas listed in the Framework Agreement cover a wide range of defence cooperation such as political dialogue, capabilities development, exchange of information, cooperation within international organisations, research, and materiel cooperation. A framework agreement is not legally binding; it emphasises the political-level commitment of the parties to deepen cooperation.

In addition to the Framework Agreement, Finland signed today a separate Letter of Intent (LoI) on participation in the work of the Framework Nation Concept (FNC) led by Germany. The goal of the framework nations is to develop multinational European capabilities and build formations for the needs of, for example, crisis management. Framework nation cooperation is also a strong element in the defence cooperation between Finland and Germany, complementing existing cooperation with regard to operations, training, defence materiel, and so on. Läs pressmeddelande