Joint declaration of the members of the European Council with the Member States of the G5 Sahel,

The leaders emphasise that the G5 Sahel States held primary responsibility for creating the security conditions necessary for the redeployment of State administrations and services. The settlement of disputes over access to and use of natural resources is also the responsibility of the states of the region and should be considered as a significant tool for reducing local conflicts linked in particular to pastoralism. In this respect, the continued implementation by all actors of the 2015 Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Mali resulting from the Algiers process remains a priority. […]

Welcoming the significant efforts made by all parties since 2013, the leaders solemnly call for a renewed and increased commitment to the Sahel. They underline the centrality of the UN’s efforts and coordination role, including the UN Integrated Strategy for the Sahel and its Support Plan, the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) and the UN Office for West Africa. They recall the African Union’s coordinating role in silencing the guns and bringing peace to the continent. […]

The G5 Sahel States commit themselves to make the G5 Sahel Joint Force fully operational, welcome the EU’s support mobilised to this effect and call on other partners to join it. They point out the crucial need for predictable, sustained and flexible support in the procedures. The Heads of State reiterate their appeal to the UN Security Council that the G5 Sahel Joint Force be placed under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter and benefit from permanent funding. […]

They welcome the involvement of several EU Member States in the Takuba task force. They invite the other EU Member States to join this initiative. Läs uttalandet

Critical wounded International Legion soldier in Mali dies,

A soldier engaged within the ranks of the French military injured in Mali within the explosion of an improvised explosive machine, died of his accidents.

A international legionnaire, injured on April 23 in Mali throughout an ”operation in opposition to armed terrorist teams”, died of his accidents on Friday 1er May on the Clamart army hospital. […]

This demise brings to 42 the variety of French troopers killed within the Sahel because the begin of the French intervention in 2013, with the Serval operation, in line with a rely comprised of figures printed by the final employees.

In latest weeks, the French military has multiplied the offensives on this area of the Sahel between Mali and Niger, claiming the ”neutralization” of a number of dozen jihadists there because the starting of the 12 months.

Barkhane’s workforce has just lately elevated from 4,500 to five thousand troopers. Paris hopes that this reinforcement will assist reverse the stability of energy within the Sahel, the place jihadist teams have multiplied the assaults in latest months.

Jihadist violence, usually interspersed with inter-community conflicts, killed 4,000 folks in Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso in 2019, 5 occasions greater than in 2016, in line with the UN, regardless of the presence of African, UN and worldwide. Läs artikel

Rysslands militära återkomst

Mats Björkenfeldt

Professor Bettina Rentz utgår i sin bok Russia’s Military Revival (Wiley 2018) från ett uttalande av USA:s tidigare försvarsminister Leon Panetta: “Putin’s main interest is to try and restore the old Soviet Union. I mean, that’s what drives him”; och ett annat från Natos förre generalsekreterare, Anders Fogh Rasmussen: “we should hold no illusions about Moscow’s intentions […] The clash is not only taking place in our shared neighbourhood. Moscow clearly aims to undermine the liberal international order and Western unity that has served us well since the end of World War II.”

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Germany, the Tornado, and the future of NATO,

[…] Germany’s struggle to decide on a successor for its aging Tornado fighter aircraft truly is a story that keeps on giving. Since the 2000s, the Eurofighter has assumed many of the old workhorse’s functions, but some of the 85 remaining Tornados still provide the capability to carry forward-deployed US nuclear bombs. In doing so, they facilitate Germany’s contribution to nuclear burden sharing in NATO. […]

Nuclear disarmament is not an invalid political goal – it is enshrined in international law no less. But were German politics in the coming years to move in this direction and fail to replace the Tornado, it could put the fundamentals of the European security order under great pressure. […]

Germany abandoning its dual-capable aircraft could even mark the beginning of the end for nuclear burden sharing in NATO. Public opinion in the three other countries that contribute dual-capable aircraft to the nuclear mission – Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands – is even less enthusiastic about nuclear deterrence than it is in Germany. If Germany were to quit, such allies may eventually follow suit. In turn, other NATO members with more favourable views of nuclear deterrence, like Poland or Romania, might seek bilateral agreements with the US to satisfy their security needs. Either way, the alliance’s deterrence and defence posture would become even more beholden to Washington. Läs artikel

FMV och Försvarsmakten får uppdrag att analysera åtgärder för att upprätthålla leveransförmågan inom materiel- och logistikförsörjningen ,

Försvarsmaktens verksamhet är beroende av en fungerande materiel- och logistikförsörjning. Covid-19 och de restriktioner som införts påverkar näringslivets produktion och varuflöden. Detta riskerar i förlängningen att påverka leveranserna av varor och tjänster till Försvarsmakten.

Myndigheterna får nu i uppdrag att analysera vilka åtgärder som behöver vidtas för att leveranserna ska fortgå. Läs pressmeddelande