US Navy Ships Stay Home As NATO Flexes Black Sea Muscle,

Every year, the US Navy sails warships into the Black Sea as part of Sea Breeze 2022 an annual joint military exercise with Romania and eight other NATO nations. The goal is to show solidarity and strength in the region. This year the US Navy will not be sending warships to the exercise because of fears of escalation and because of Turkey’s diplomatic blockade of NATO. […]

This year’s exercise will include 24 warships, cutters and auxiliary vessels, five planes and four helicopters manned by 1,390 naval personnel from 10 NATO member countries, including Albania, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Turkey, the news agency said.

Although the United States won’t be sending a warship to Romania for Sea Breeze 2022, US Navy personnel and aircraft will participate in this year’s exercise. Läs artikel