The US’s Elusive Sense of Responsibility,

Obaidullah Baheer, lectures on Peace and Conflict Resolution in the postgraduate program at Kardan University in Kabul,

The United States claims it wants to safeguard the progress made in the past two decades but it also wants to evade any responsibility toward Afghanistan, as per President Joe Biden’s latest remarks and his decision to withdraw troops from the country. Biden stated that the reason the US and its allies came to Afghanistan could not justify their presence there now. The president ignored the fact that the United States chose to frame the intervention as a liberating mission. Therefore, at such a critical juncture of history, we must ask: Was progress truly made in the past twenty years? And can the post-settlement Afghanistan sustain such progress?

It was imperative to show the Afghan people what democracy could achieve for them and the power they held within this new order, yet the same old story of elites amassing riches and power continued, this time exponentialy. The United States always kept the government of Afghanistan on the hinge of collapse and at the height of dependency lest it forget who was at the helm. Läs artikel