The Dilemma at the Heart of Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO Membership Bids,

Christopher S. Chivvis, director of the American Statecraft Program at the Carnegie Endowment

[…] Washington needs to press pause and avoid rushing headlong into commitments that it might later regret. It should conduct a serious study of the conventional and unconventional requirements for the defense of Finland’s border, and it needs strong commitments from both countries—not only to fund the defense of their own territories but also to make real contributions to defending weaker allies along NATO’s eastern flank. It should also recognize that neither country will add anything meaningful to U.S. security policy in Asia, at least as long as that policy focuses on competition with China. Sweden was one of the first European countries to heed U.S. warnings about the risks posed by Chinese telecoms firms Huawei and ZTE, but its powerful business community remains laser focused on the Chinese market. Volvo Cars, a Swedish firm, is owned by the Chinese conglomerate Geely. Although recently critical of Beijing, Helsinki also has a long history of warm relations with China. Läs artikel